Ragan faces Cadenhead in Republican primary

Published 10:00 am Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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Troup County Commission District 2 incumbent Ellis Cadenhead will face local business owner Ken Ragan in the Republican primary. 

The winner of the race will move to face Andrew Moody Sr., who is running in the Democratic party. 

A story on Cadenhead, without Ragan, recently ran in the May 9 edition of the LaGrange Daily News after Ragan was not able to be reached for an interview. The newspaper contacted Ragan this past Friday about his campaign goals. Ragan is the owner of Ragan Grading and Septic Tanks. 

“I decided to run because I want to see things be done right up there,” Ragan said. “I think we can work on budgeting money a whole lot better.”

Ragan said he would like to see better and more competitive wages be given to first responders and sheriff deputies. 

“I want to help small businesses grow,” Ragan said. “There are such hard restrictions on small businesses. We need to ease up on regulations, and make it easier for small businesses to get started.” 

Ragan said he also hopes to work on animal rights. He said he wants to make the laws and regulations for animals to be up to date with what the city has in place. 

“We need to help individuals who are having trouble with zoning,” Ragan said. “I believe commissioners should have a term limit as well.” 

One major thing Ragan said he would like to work on if elected, would be bringing back the work camp with inmates doing labor. 

“Inmates used to cut grass, pick up trash, clean the court house and other city buildings,” Ragan said. “They got rid of it about three and a half years ago, and I want to bring that back, even though it might be difficult.” 

Ragan said not only entrepreneurial and growth mindset makes him a qualified candidate, but also ability to manage financials and business. 

“I just think a businessman needs to be up there to help run the county,” Ragan said. “I’m up and down the roads every day (and) I see a lot of stuff that goes on. I kind of got a good idea of what goes on and being in business. I have a lot of knowledge of what goes on with the road department and such.” 

Ragan said he hopes to bring fresh ideas on how to better the community and the county. 

“I have also been president of the board for a condominium in Florida for the past six years, which includes handling multi-million dollar budgets,” Ragan said. “I was also a board member for four years prior to being president.”