Hardnett looks to serve LaGrange

Published 1:33 pm Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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The Provision Tax Services building on Hill Street will now take on a new name as the Diamond Legacy Corporation and is opening up an addition to its office for local entrepreneurs.  

Tamala Hardnett has always been inspired by her mom to have a loving heart for the community. When her mom, Diane Hardnett Brewer “Diamond,” died this past year she knew she wanted to do something special in memory of her. 

Hardnett currently runs and operates the tax company, along with Heart2Heart, a nonprofit where families can heal and find assistance to restructure the family dynamic.  

For the past few weeks, Hardnett and her family has been working to completely gut out and renovate the top floor and back of the building. 

“We are working with the community,” Hardnett said. “The kids will have a place to come and hang out once the pandemic is over. Parents will have a safe environment to come to. I want to continue to offer my services and be of assistance to the community.” 

Hardentt wears many hats now, including being a foster mom, non-profit organizer, tax preparer and local business woman. 

“I felt that because of my mom looking after me so much and being my biggest supporter, I wanted to honor her,” Hardnett said.  “I was scared at first because I’ve done a lot of businesses in the past. But then God was like, ‘you can do this.’”

When Hardnett first opened the tax services in July 2018, she was also working on opening Heart2Heart.  

“We remodeled everything,” Hardnett said. “Now that we took over more the rest of the building, we are using the back as an electronic room, supply closet, more offices and a waiting room. We plan to connect Heart2Heart to the building as well. We want to be a resource for people about health, doctors, insurance and more. We are also adding a wash room and place to take a shower for those who do not have access to one.” 

Hardnett said her dream is to reach parts of the community that are in need of help. 

“At Heart2Heart we are there for anyone who needs assistance, whether food or child care,” Hardnett said. “I help people get housing, transportation and a number of other things.” 

In the upstairs portion of the building, after being completely renovated, Hardnett will offer business offices for young entrepreneurs looking to get a kickstart and also have a recording studio available. 

“I feel complete and feel successful in everything God wants me to do,” Hardnett said.