Hogansville approves fire hydrant replacements

Published 6:07 pm Wednesday, February 6, 2019

On Monday, the Hogansville City Council unanimously approved the phase II hydrant replacement, 3-0, at its meeting. The hydrant replacements will cost $38,995 and is already placed in the city’s budget, so it won’t cost anything extra for citizens. 

Council members Marichal Price and George Bailey did not attend the meeting. Price’s father passed away earlier this week, and Bailey collapsed and was taken to a hospital before a public hearing that took place prior to the meeting.

Before the meeting started, the council, Mayor Bill Stankiewicz and city attorney Jeff Todd had to decide whether to continue the meeting. Stankiewicz told the audience that the council would either take action that night or table items for the next council meeting on Feb. 18.

At the last meeting on Jan. 22, Hogansville Water Superintendent Joe Vidal told the council that some of the hydrants are almost 100 years old and it would be easier to replace them than maintain them. The fire hydrants that are being replaced are located at 395 Industrial Drive, 310 Elm Street, 307 Oak Street, 205 Taliaferro Drive, the corner of West Boyd and Popular Street and 4541 Mountville Hogansville Road. 

“We discussed this at our last meeting and we did a search of the records and, unfortunately, we never took action, so we’re going to ask the council tonight to take action on approving phase II of the fire hydrant replacement,” Stankiewicz said.

Council Member Theresa Strickland asked to clarify if the funds for the hydrants were in the budget, and Milliron confirmed it. Milliron also said that the city will also be isolating the area of the hydrants rather than shutting down the whole city to replace them at night.

“We’re going to put together an action plan to try to address as many of those as we can,” Milliron said. “And then communicate with the public. If there are some that we have to shut down over night, at least we won’t have to shut down the whole city, and that’s our goal.”

Council Member Fred Higgins made a motion to approve and the vote passed. 

In other actions, the Hogansville City Council:

4Tabled an action on the special use permit for a group home for foster children on 301 Pine Street. Jimmy McCamey Jr., a local licensed clinical social worker and professional counselor, spoke at a public hearing before the meeting about the proposed home. The council tabled the vote since Price and Bailey were not present.

4Unanimously approved a Community Development Block Grant 2019 application for funds for water improvements.

4Unanimously approved board appointments for the Meriwether Joint Development Authority. The city council approved re-appointing Bailey, Higgins, John McKibben, Jimmy Russell and Stankiewicz. Their terms will expire Aug. 31 this year.

4Recognized Hogansville Police Department Sgt. Ryan Loubet for five years of service at the department.

“I couldn’t be prouder of his job and what he’s doing for the department, and he’s really helped me get that culture where we want it to be,” Hogansville Police Chief Brian Harr said.